Sorry, London is calling and I must go…

So this post is a wrap up of over my last two weeks in Sydney. It was a little crazy and overwhelming in the lead up to leaving on a jet plane but I lived to tell the tale, just.

Right, so, the first thing I needed to figure out was what to pack. It was something I had been pondering for a while. What on earth do I pack in my 70L backpack to carry with me for a year? If I was going to be deserted on an island, a la Survivor, what would I really want to have with me? Obviously the contestants on the show literally have nothing but the clothes on their backs so it’s not really the same thing but you get my drift. I can do without hair dryers and straighteners, I don’t need my fancy clothes, jackets and the like. Much to my disappointment, my leather jacket will be staying in Sydney. There is a part of me that is quite looking forward to living a life of simplicity and not having too much to choose from out of my suitcase for the next year. I know I will probably get bored of my clothes and will want to buy new ones along the way so it’s a good thing ASOS delivers worldwide! My hope is that it will prove I don’t need half the stuff I have at home and can survive perfectly fine with the bare necessities.

I had written lovely long lists of what I needed to take with me and read blogs and articles of what and how to pack. In my head I thought I would have a half empty bag. Reality set in and I came crashing down to earth landing on a very stuffed bag. I ended up breaking it down into categories – Essentials, Nice To Haves, Don’t Even and ended up with the below. I’m pretty happy with the selection, taking bits of advice from the different things I read and came to my conclusion. Scary to think this is my life and wardrobe for the foreseeable future.


So after getting my packing sorted, the countdown to my Remote Year took a slightly interesting turn after I finished my last day of work. I was going to spend the week before my departure packing up my apartment and moving all my things (and myself) into my parents abode. Everything was going well, farewell dinners had been organised with friends and I was on track to leave for London. However, the gods were against me and five days before I was due to fly out, I had my wisdom tooth removed. It was most certainly not how I had envisioned my last week in Sydney. I had to move out quicker, cancel some catch ups and sit through an extraction. For the next five days my face was swollen and I’m pretty sure I had two chins. The extraction went well but to throw in another curve ball I managed to get an infection and the swelling came back. Two days before I left I was put on antibiotics and sent on my merry way.

I arrived to a surprisingly warm London a few days ago and will be here for 10 days before I head to Prague for the first month of my Remote Year. It definitely called for a celebratory beverage and proper London pub lunch at The Pheasant Inn in my jet lagged, swollen faced state. Even though I could only eat soft foods but oh well.


I have been playing tourist in a city I feel quite comfortable in and it certainly didn’t take long to fall back into the hustle and bustle of London proper. It definitely helps with this delightful Spring weather I seem to have brought with me from Sydney. Tomorrow I think I might see if Queenie is in town and have a wander down The Mall. See y’all in Prague!

Oh and because I have had some wisdom removed, this is fitting…



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