Prague | Where beer is cheaper than water and other such learnings.

Czech me out (ha!). I’ve arrived and survived my first week with my new family.

This whole Remote Year thing is actually real, there’s no turning back now. Upon arriving at Prague International Airport my delightful welcome wagon were in the arrivals hall excitedly waiting. After weeks of Facebook posts and emails they are no longer robots but actual human people. And so are the 50+ new friends I have made in the last five weeks!

After my short flight from the motherland, I along with five new pals were taken to our flat, which is AMAZING. It completely exceeded all my expectations. Anyone looking at coming to Prague really should stay here, it’s great! Luckily for me I was in much better shape than many of my fellow travellers. Not only was I less tired than most, but thankfully I had all my bags. Some people three days in, still had not received their second bag because it was literally lost somewhere in the world. Eventually the luggage gods found them and sent them to Prague. Note to self, always pack a spare t-shirt and pair of undies in your hand luggage lest your bag goes missing. Otherwise you will find yourself wearing other people’s “I completed Tough Mudder” tees.

Right, so in order to stay awake on our first afternoon/evening, we did what all tourists in Prague do, drink beer. It didn’t take long to realise that the city is cheap, so cheap in fact beer is cheaper than water. If you’re travelling on the cheap here, know that beer is very filling and often referred to by locals as Liquid Bread. We eventually made our way to the beer garden in the park where a good 25 people or so from our group had settled into. It was definitely overwhelming telling all these people a brief summary on who you were and where you came from. Someone should have given us cool name badges or something. The true test now will be how long it takes to remember everyone’s names. Names are one thing but placing them to a face will be another. I like to think I have a good memory when it comes to names so this will be my Everest.

Our workspace, K10 Coworking used to be the old Dutch Embassy and has since been converted into an uber cool shared workspace. It’s an amazing building with its very own panic room downstairs. Apparently it can only fit up to 5 people so that will prove difficult should the need arise.


Other fun facts that were learnt this week include:

These delicious mouth watering creations are NOT a Czech traditional dessert. They were invented about 6 years ago and not in 1923 as the signage would have you believe. I did not care as it was the best thing ever!


It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day everyday in Prague as the word for ‘hello’ is “Ahoj”. Pronounced “Ahoy” our group of 75 are walking around town talking like pirates.

On the flip side, every time we say thank you it sounds like we are insulting our hosts. The word for ‘thank you’ is “Dekuji”. Pronounced “Dick-wee”, it provides us with a nervous laugh every time we say it as it just doesn’t feel right. Most of the group have now enrolled into survival Czech lessons this week as a result of our mispronunciation.

I’m 99% convinced that all 75 of us are still slightly overwhelmed and scared and nervous about each other and what this year will bring. I am much more comforted by this as it’s not just me who is getting out of their comfort zone. That said, week one has been filled with new friends, lots of laughs, plenty of beer, annoyingly for me a cold and to top it off a paddling pool, dance party in the courtyard of the Czech Apple offices. Not a shabby start if you ask me!


  1. EmL · June 6, 2016

    Hehe that made me giggle! Keep having a blast lovely!! X


  2. Emily · June 14, 2016

    Ok. I’m ready for another update now please.


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